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Yoga und Surfcamp for Girls


As a Surfer you want to ride the PERFECT WAVE every time you go out into the water. That's why the life of a surfer is ruled by wind and wave conditions as well as tides.  Our surf courses will be in the conditions best suited for you. There are NO SURF LESSONS OUT OF THE BOOK, because our groups are very small and thus we are able to take care of your individual and personal needs. 

We provide QUALITY NOT QUANTITY! There are not more than 15 WaveSisters in the surfhouse and every instructor teaches not more than 8 girls. In this way we are flexible and we are able to go surfing on the BEACH WITH THE BEST CONDITIONS

WaveSisters relax with YOGA a perfect "zen" combination to surfing and the best round up of your day. And it is all INCLUDED IN OUR PRICING! You don't have to take care of anything! You just have fun and enjoy the homely and cosy atmosphere with WaveSisters and EXPERIENCE AN AWESOME SURF AND YOGA TRIP.


WaveSisters Surf Camp in Portugal

WaveSisters surf camp in France

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Surfing and Yoga for women from women

WaveSisters would love to take you into the water and into the waves. We aim to increase the community of female surfers and to give women the possibility to meet and share their experiences. We do this in some of the most beautiful locations in the world - on the Canary Island of Lanzarote as well as in France and Portugal.

We offer:

Beginner and advanced surf courses for women and girls

Yoga sessions for the perfect balance and relaxation

Surfari for the independent surfer girl who wants to surf with like-minded people (no course)

Childcare during course times for your little ones from 3 years of age 


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